LOVE 2020 Recital Weekend

Well….this weekend was supposed to be the dance recital. A chance for budding local performers to express varying interpretations of LOVE 2020. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen more expressions of LOVE in the last 7 weeks than Jade and I could have staged in a thousand recitals. What a wonderful community we live in. 
We are sad this weekend, but we are also humbled and grateful to have 45 years of memories and a quiet weekend during which to reflect on them. On Monday, we’ll orient our heads and hearts to the future, but this weekend, we’re spending some time in gratitude for the support that we’ve experience from this community for decades. Thank you!

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Dearest dancers and families, it is with heavy hearts that we have decided to temporarily close the studio. CDC guidelines discourage us from continuing classes, and we feel it is necessary to do our part to curb this pandemic. We realize that this will raise many questions regarding tuition, etc., but we ask for patience on your part as we have no policy in place for such an occurrence. Also, we see this situation change everyday and feel we must wait for the dust to settle before establishing such policy. We will miss seeing our dancers bop through the door, but we know this is best for all involved. Thank you for your understanding.

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DIVA Training offered this spring.

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Adult Tap Session Begins in February

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For our little ones….

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From our hearts to yours…..

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Adult Tap Teaser Starts in October

You asked for it……so here it is. An adult tap class that is focused on fitness and fun. And nobody has to perform on stage. Never tapped before? This is the perfect chance to give it a try!

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Fall Registration Begins August 20th

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Pre-Registration begins August 5!

Check your mailboxes for our fall registration booklet. It should be arriving soon! Meanwhile, visit our How To Register page for more registration details. You can also check out our 2019-2020 Schedule.

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list or email list, visit the Contact Us page.

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Parent Meetings: May 6-9

The recital is right around the corner, and S&S wants to ensure that it’s students and parents have an enjoyable, stress-free recital weekend. Therefore, we are asking that each student at the Pre-Dance, Beginner, or Intermediate level have a parent or responsible adult attend one Parent Meeting during the last week of dance. Costumes, picture forms, and other important materials will be distributed at this time. If your child is in multiple classes, or if you have multiple children, you only need to attend one meeting.

Pre-Dance Parent Meetings

Pre-Dance I             Tuesday, May 7      4:45pm
Pre-Dance II           Thursday, May 9   4:45pm
Pre-Dance III         Monday, May 6      4:30pm

Boys Tumbling Parent Meeting

Monday, May 6      5:30pm

Beginner Parent Meetings

Monday, May 6      5:30pm
Tuesday, May 7      5:45pm
Thursday, May 9    5:45pm

Intermediate Parent Meetings

Monday, May 6                  6:15pm
Wednesday, May 8            6:30pm
Thursday, May 9                7:00pm                     

All retail and tuition fees must be paid in full before the costume will be sent home. Those fees can be paid at the time of the meeting.

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