Adult Tap Teaser Starts in October

You asked for it……so here it is. An adult tap class that is focused on fitness and fun. And nobody has to perform on stage. Never tapped before? This is the perfect chance to give it a try!

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Fall Registration Begins August 20th

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Pre-Registration begins August 5!

Check your mailboxes for our fall registration booklet. It should be arriving soon! Meanwhile, visit our How To Register page for more registration details. You can also check out our 2019-2020 Schedule.

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list or email list, visit the Contact Us page.

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Parent Meetings: May 6-9

The recital is right around the corner, and S&S wants to ensure that it’s students and parents have an enjoyable, stress-free recital weekend. Therefore, we are asking that each student at the Pre-Dance, Beginner, or Intermediate level have a parent or responsible adult attend one Parent Meeting during the last week of dance. Costumes, picture forms, and other important materials will be distributed at this time. If your child is in multiple classes, or if you have multiple children, you only need to attend one meeting.

Pre-Dance Parent Meetings

Pre-Dance I             Tuesday, May 7      4:45pm
Pre-Dance II           Thursday, May 9   4:45pm
Pre-Dance III         Monday, May 6      4:30pm

Boys Tumbling Parent Meeting

Monday, May 6      5:30pm

Beginner Parent Meetings

Monday, May 6      5:30pm
Tuesday, May 7      5:45pm
Thursday, May 9    5:45pm

Intermediate Parent Meetings

Monday, May 6                  6:15pm
Wednesday, May 8            6:30pm
Thursday, May 9                7:00pm                     

All retail and tuition fees must be paid in full before the costume will be sent home. Those fees can be paid at the time of the meeting.

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Customer Appreciation Month is Here!

Quite possibly our favorite month of the dance year, April is the time when we get to say thank you to the parents and grandparents that allow us the privilege to work with every one of our young dancers. Register in our waiting room and there will be a drawing for great recital give-aways every Thursday this month. Thanks again for all you do!

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Have You Returned Your Recital Bag Yet?

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Final Costume Fittings: March 4-7

Final costume fittings will be March 4 thru March 7. This is an exciting time for our dancers, so please make every effort to get them to class. Parents are welcome to come and get a sneak peek! See the fitting schedule for exact times. Fittings take up only a small portion of the normal class time, so dancers should be prepared to participate in class as usual. If your dancer is unable to make it to class, please contact Stacy and set up an appointment for her/his fitting.

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Adult Tap Begins Next Week!

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Two new sessions start next week!

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Yoga for Dancers Dec. 17 & 18

Certified Yoga Instructor and dance enthusiast Dr. Jeannie Zeck will be coming to S&S in December to teach yoga classes specifically designed for dancers. Dr. Zeck teaches English, theater, and yoga at MacMurray College in Jacksonville in addition to a weekly yoga class at the Jacksonville YMCA. She will teach a class on  Monday, December 17 for Intermediate dancers and on Tuesday, December 18 for Advanced dancers. Intermediate and Advanced dancers are welcome to attend (for free) regardless of whether it is during their normal class time or not. Participants are asked to bring a yoga mat if they have one.

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