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What is pre-registration?

Pre-registration is an opportunity to secure a spot for your dancer in one of our classes prior to our in-person registration. Pre-registering guarantees a spot in your preferred class up until registration takes place.

Why should I pre-register?
S&S strives to maintain a low student to teacher ratio to make sure each dancer gets the attention that s/he deserves. In order to do that, we must limit our class sizes. The advantage of pre-registration is that all pre-registered students will be given the opportunity to register before a class reaches full capacity. We highly recommend pre-registering, especially for Pre-Dance, Beginner Dance, Hip Hop, and Tumbling classes.

Does it cost money to pre-register?
Students who have danced with S&S in the past can pre-register at no charge. New students will be pre-registered as soon as a $25.00 deposit per student per class is received. This is a non-refundable deposit that will secure a spot in that dancer’s preferred class. Please note, the deposit is not an additional fee. When you come to registration, the amount of your deposit will be applied as a credit to your registration balance.

What all do I pay for at the time of registration?
Each student wishing to participate in the spring performance is required to pay the Performance Fee at the time of registration. Any student not wishing to participate in the performance must pay tuition for the first month at the time of registration. It is also recommended that students purchase shoes at the time of registration. S&S sells dance shoes for all if its classes at cost. Shoes may be purchased elsewhere but must meet the specifications required by the studio dress code. New shoes are fitted and paid for at registration and are distributed at the first lesson. Used shoes may be available at a lower cost. Leotards and tights will also be available for purchase at registration.

If I pre-register, do I still need to come to registration?
Yes! Costume and shoe fittings take place at registration. In addition, we need parents to fill out a registration form and agreement.

What is a Performance Fee and why is it due at the time of registration?
The Performance Fee is required for any student planning to participate in the spring performance. It reflects the comprehensive cost of all performance-related expenses, including, but not limited to, a recital costume, tights, and performance props. This fee is due at the time of registration because we begin planning for our show in the fall and want to make sure that no student is left out.

Does my child need to be with me when I register her/him?
Yes! Costume and shoe fittings take place at registration so it is very important for the student to be present.

What should I do with the dance shoes my child has outgrown?
If you’d like, you can bring your used dance shoes to the dance studio, price them, and put them on our used shoe shelf. This gives other parents the opportunity to save a little money by purchasing gently used shoes while earning you a little extra cash! However, it is important to note that S&S is not responsible for any shoes that are left to be sold.

Will I be able to get a tour of the studio at registration?
While we are always eager to show new dancers and parents our facility, we cannot always offer this service during registration because we are often busy serving other customers. If you would like a tour of the studio, please contact us. We would be happy to set up an appointment with you.

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