Parent Meetings: May 7-10

The recital is right around the corner, and S&S wants to ensure that it’s students and parents have an enjoyable, stress-free recital weekend. Therefore, we are asking that each student at the Pre-Dance, Beginner, or Intermediate level have a parent or responsible adult attend one Parent Meeting during the last week of dance. Costumes, picture forms, and other important materials will be distributed at this time. If your child is in multiple classes, or if you have multiple children, you only need to attend one meeting.

Pre-Dance Parent Meetings

Pre-Dance I                 Monday, May 7           12:00pm
Pre-Dance II               Wednesday, May 9     4:30pm
Pre-Dance III              Monday, May 7           5:15pm

Beginner Parent Meetings

Monday, May 7            4:45pm
Tuesday, May 8           5:30pm
Wednesday, May 9     5:30pm
Thursday, May 10       5:30pm

Intermediate Parent Meetings

Monday, May 7           6:30pm
Tuesday, May 8           6:15pm
Thursday, May 10       6:30pm

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