Ages 9-12

At the Intermediate level, students begin to make choices in their dance training and focus on the styles in which they have the most interest. Dancers delve deeper into the terminology, technique and aesthetic qualities of dance and tumbling.


Intermediate Dance Class         Ages 9-12

Intermediate Dance is designed to transition students into more technique-focused dance training. Dancers refine their technical skills in tap with an emphasis on rhythm patterns, and the fundamentals of jazz as a dance style are introduced.


SBM_6514Intermediate Hip Hop Class         Ages 9-12

Intermediate Hip Hop explores the technique and style of Hip Hop and Pop dance while building strength for floor skills and promoting individual expression through freestyle dance.


Intermediate Ballet Class         Ages 9-12

This class is the first level of formal ballet training offered at the studio. Students are introduced to the theory and technique of classical ballet. The skills cultivated in Intermediate Ballet are integral in the development of proper body alignment, which is foundational for progress in all other dance styles.


Lyrical Class         Ages 8-12

Lyrical dance uses a combination of both jazz and ballet to create movement that conveys emotion and tells a story. This class trains dancers to use their technical skills to connect movement with meaning. Concurrent enrollment in Intermediate Ballet is encouraged.


Tumbling (6)Intermediate Tumbling Class         Ages 9-12

Beginner Tumbling is a progressive, skill-based class that allows students to strengthen their bodies and improve coordination and flexibility while mastering tumbling skills such as cartwheels, hand stands, limbers, walkovers, handsprings, and more. Skill progression is determined individually based on ability.